As early spring warms, 160,000 square meters of purple flowers bloom

2022-04-29 0 By

In the past two days, with the temperature rising sharply, the February orchids in Dongping National Forest Park are in full bloom. Lavender flowers surround trees and paths, making the park beautiful in spring, attracting visitors to watch and take photos.February orchid is a biennial herb, although there is a orchid in the name, but not orchids, because of its growth characteristics, it has become the first blooming flowers in spring.This year, Dongping National Forest Park around the osmanthus road, metasequoia east avenue, west avenue and five meters on both sides of the ring line suitable for the growth of February orchid area, planted 160,000 square meters of February orchid, so that tourists in the forest at the same time, feel chongming’s early spring scene.Reporter: Xu Chen editor: Tang Yin Diadem