Work together to solve your problems with the simplest of cuisines

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“Do not know what to eat” is a very common kind of modern life problems, it covers “what to eat in the morning”, “what to eat at noon”, “what to eat in the evening” and other extremely profound, tricky philosophical problems.Whether it is teetering children, vigorous youth, efforts to move bricks or cultivate the elderly, all this distress.In fact, what we usually need is a chicken curry braised rice with rich curry aroma.When the delicious and exotic curry flavor comes to the nose, no matter how upset the mood will be soothed and comfortable.Rice braised rice with chicken masala curry will start your day happy.There are a variety of products on the menu of restaurant brand Fan Marshal, but the chicken curry Wonki braised rice is the “star item”.Fresh and high-quality chicken legs are washed, boned, cut into pieces, drained and marinated with appropriate salt, cooking wine, black pepper and rice seasoning.The chicken is then cooked on a fire until golden brown and in a curry that has been waiting to be eaten.In the process, the curry will blend completely with the chicken, every bit of curry aroma will hang on the chicken, and as the sauce thickens, the soul-stirring flavors will begin to emerge.Because of the fast meal speed, so when the waiter will fan Marshal curry chicken qi Qi braised rice in front of the diners, the bowl of rice will also braved the slightest heat, at this time with a spoon or chopsticks to stir it evenly, with the small pot of sauce provided by the rice marshal, a mouthful is all satisfied, never tangle what to eat.