“The world” take care of the Zheng Juan of three children of a vegetable, let Zhou Bingkun fall completely

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For Zheng Juan, at the beginning is not very like, because she and Zhou Bingkun met several times, the purpose is not simple.For the first time, thin clothes, half dew incense neck, curled up with a large leg, is enchanting, deep and stubborn looking at Zhou Bingkun, Zhou Bingkun was attracted to normal, men are visual animals.Later gave birth to the child, Zhou Bingkun went to see her, she packed up in advance, open the door, zhou Bingkun’s eyes or chest a white.People miss people and people miss the dead, so Zhou Bingkun was captured again.But then heard Zheng Juan told him the truth, the child is loshi Bin, she was forced after Zhou Bingkun was hit in the head.Even if zheng Juan infatuated.It was a fact he still couldn’t fully accept, let alone his parents.Chow bingkun retreated for 3 years, is in their own digestion.He should be contradictory at that time, to Zheng Juan, both can not put and can not take up.After Zhou’s mother got cerebral thrombosis, she became a vegetable.One, it didn’t help to tell father and eldest brother that they were far away and had to go to work.The other is that he is a grown man who has to take care of his mother and children, and he can’t handle it.Third, he can’t miss work.At this time Zheng Juan offered to help take care of, is a timely help.Zheng Juan ability came to zhou home, Zheng Juan clean up the home inside and out, she is always in the wash or wipe, clothes pole is full every day.I had to fetch water and wash my clothes by hand.She also scrubbed and massaged zhou’s mother.And three children.When I heard Nannan said Zheng Juan with his hand pull zhou ma shit, feel really admire the woman, Zhou Bingkun should also be moved at that time, Zheng Juan is really sincere.Will live Zhou Bingkun feel oneself want to be caught, confessed zheng Juan, gave her the passbook, is the home to her.And he’s been gone for six months.Zheng Juan did not use his money, but first with their own 200 yuan, she also accounts every day.This half a year, Zheng Juan take good care of the old children, Zheng Juan is completely the week when his home in care.Every woman who has ever been a mother knows how hard it is to take care of a family.Zheng Juan is indeed virtuous.If Zheng Juan before scheming is in the use of Zhou Bingkun, that when the nanny is completely for Zhou Bingkun.Chow’s hesitation after this was gone, he was completely lost.Zheng Juan is not need him, but he can not leave Zheng Juan.Zhou Bingkun is the most stupid of the zhou brothers and sisters, he knows he is not as good as his brother and sister, so he actually does not have too much ambition and ambition.Song director told him, live a good life on the line.Zheng Juan, he goes to work, Zheng Juan takes care of the home, is his little life, very beautiful.Image source network