Strong fog, frequent liaoning highest level of alert

2022-04-28 0 By

The Liaoning Meteorological Disaster Monitoring and Warning Center issued a red alert for fog from The evening of February 9 to the early morning of February 10.It is expected that from the night of February 9 to the morning of February 10, huludao urban area, Xingcheng and coastal waters, Jinzhou urban area, Linghai, Yixian, Beizheng, Heishan and other places will have a strong fog with visibility less than 50 meters.At the same time, the Liaoning Provincial Meteorological Bureau also issued a level iv alert for fog in accordance with the “Liaoning Province Expressway Disaster Weather Emergency Linkage Plan”. The strong fog weather in the above areas may cause traffic line interruption.Remind the relevant areas and units to take precautions.Source: CCTV News Editor: Han Yu