On the way back, there is a fault/accident on the highway, what should I do?

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If your car breaks down or has an accident on your way home, what do you do?The following driver operation do not learn ▼ after the accident, the correct way to handle is to ensure safety as the premise do not linger at the scene of the accident for their own life and safety buried hidden dangers:On the highway, the speed is fast and the traffic flow is large. If the vehicles and personnel fail to evacuate in time and stay in the lane after the accident, it is very easy to cause a second accident, and the probability of occurrence is very high in a short time. It may cause property loss at light, or threaten personal safety and cause a serial rear-end collision and other malignant accidents, which is extremely dangerous.Therefore, in order to protect yourself and avoid unnecessary losses, be sure to evacuate in time.At the same time, traffic police shu shu also want to remind you driver friends, such as in case of vehicle failure in need of rescue, please call vehicle failure rescue phone 027-12122, do not believe the search engine push “400” number, beware of fraud.So “car pull over, people evacuate, namely the police” how to do?01 Car pull over when an accident or vehicle failure, remember the first time to open the double flashing lights!If no person is injured or slightly injured, and the vehicle can move, under the premise of ensuring safety, immediately move the vehicle to the right emergency lane.After the vehicle is moved to a safe area, a warning triangle should be placed 150 meters behind the vehicle (the distance should be extended to 200 meters in rainy, snowy and foggy days) to remind the rear vehicle to pay attention to the warning situation.After the evacuation of 02 people, the people on board should evacuate to the safety area outside the highway guardrail immediately, away from the scene of the accident.Do not stay at the scene, to avoid more serious secondary accidents, causing irreparable losses.If the accident occurs on a bridge, the occupants of the vehicle should be moved to the end or end of the bridge and then evacuated beyond the guardrail.Never go over the guardrail on both sides of the bridge.03 that alarm after the above two points, can immediately call 027-96122, 110 alarm for help, and to the traffic police shu shu correctly describe the following information: vehicle location;Driving direction;A brief description of casualties, whether an ambulance is required, and whether the vehicle involved can move.In the process of waiting for rescue, should always pay attention to the situation of the highway, to ensure their own safety.Traffic police warm tips, in case of emergency do not panic, calm response.The end of the year is approaching, the fraud means of crooks emerge in an endless stream, please increase vigilance, do not call the unknown alarm or rescue phone, so as not to be deceived.The 2022 Spring Festival Travel rush is underway. The driving safety of friends is always the most concerned topic in Shu shu. In case of emergency, please remember to pull over, evacuate and call the police