No greeting, random check!Have you got it right?

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On January 11, shuangliu District new Economy and Technology Bureau, district emergency management bureau and other departments set up a joint inspection team to carry out a regional gas safety inspection. Li Jian, deputy secretary of the District Party Committee, attended the joint inspection.In Sanquan Food Co.,Ltd, the inspection team went directly into the kitchen of the canteen to check whether the gas alarm was installed properly, and carried out detailed inspections on whether the gas facilities in the canteen had gas leakage, whether the installation and connection were standardized, and whether the ventilation conditions in the gas use places were in compliance.”How many fire extinguishers are there? Do they work?”After no safety risks were found, the inspection team told the enterprise to do a good job of self-inspection in peacetime, to ensure the safety of gas.”No greeting, random check!”In the west harbor street Wenxing Avenue, the inspection team temporarily decided to walk into a few restaurants, straight to the kitchen began to check.”The combustible gas alarm is for civilian use, and the pipeline cannot be closed after the gas leaks, which can easily cause safety accidents.”Inspection team said while recording the problem, and came to the hearth.In view of the problem that does not clean lampblack machine and pipeline in time, inspection group asks responsible person to grasp rectification.”If problems are found, they should not only be corrected in place, but also rechecked after rectification!”Li jian asked gas supply enterprises to carry out user safety inspection responsibilities, found hidden dangers to inform users in written rectification.The fire department should strengthen the business guidance of catering enterprises, publicize the knowledge of gas safety through a variety of ways, effectively prevent and dissolve the safety risks of catering industry, and ensure social stability and the safety of people’s lives and property.It is reported that as of January 11, 2022, a total of 8,403 locations have been investigated in the district, including 53 agency canaries, 27 large supermarkets, 231 industrial enterprises, and 1,463 catering enterprises.A total of 7,187 hidden dangers were found, 290 were rectified on site, 2,326 were rectified later, and 4,571 were rectified within a deadline.Thank you for reading. For more local news, please follow “Shuangliu Announcement” on wechat, listen to AIRPORT Radio FM100.9, and download “Shuangliu on cloud” APP