Guangdong provides heart-warming services for migrant workers during the Spring Festival

2022-04-28 0 By

Source: Nanfang Daily tens of millions of consumption coupons issued, welfare gift bags mailed home, send condolences for the New Year goods……Guangdong has provided heart-warming services to workers in various fields and adopted a number of measures to help them stay in their jobs.Among them, zhuhai, Zhaoqing and other places have provided subsidies, consolation packages, movie coupons, phone discounts and other cultural and sports benefits for migrant workers during the Spring Festival.Foshan has launched a special campaign to help enterprises stabilize their jobs. It not only provides subsidies to migrant workers in other places for their return and employment, but also launches a “Special page for 2022 Spring Festival Employment Services” during the Spring Festival, providing information on job fair arrangements, training courses and career guidance.In Zhongshan, local social departments also held an online letter collection activity called “a letter of pigeon sent to Thousands of families” and distributed shiqi squinting pigeon gift packages to send the warmth of the New Year to migrant workers staying in Guangdong with unique Zhongshan cuisine.Nanfang Daily trainee reporter Tang Yabing correspondent Yue Renxuan