Chinese feast group meal, performance?

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If I am a sommelier official data that’s right I should be the first in hebei province for more professional that I at the time of the handan is relatively small far not as for the ones with small but fire craft beer after all things are in the thriving development of liquor-making industry also did not so good I’m engaged in liquor during the years of work in the beverage industry as little time may be only a few months didAn order and thanks will impressive agents hold let dealers hold them more stock agent price more people through the wine dinner on hu eat sea slug and communicate feelings scene is particularly interesting although leave beverage industry for a long time, after all, handan is the community or the people who speak to also familiar with the blessed with a big liquor dealers attended the handan region agentThanks will rub the meal in the location of the last time I wrote the Chinese feast is originally think twice about bad impression, after all, liquor is very good to see some old acquaintance again went down to a banquet’s atmosphere huan is quite interesting that we can talk about the dishes today for five hundred in sausage products there isn’t much the handan people’s most familiar taste of slices is thin enough wine with this degree is just right hereThings a little more than was too salty the degree of just enough ZaMo is one mouthful taste and rich at the same time opened a good start fresh bean skin the fresh bean skin may be ready to late when I watched the serving the epidermis of slightly dry taste is nothing impact slightly less weight on the mat dish should use lettuce but it was broken I don’t know is intentionally usage clamp or pieces of goods in todayBad modesty dip to eat out is soy sauce vinegar flavor modulation is a pity for me is too salty braised braised son eat more like just to last or hot it is cool to eat good or bad hot sense of how to eat all delicious meal I personally think can accept that may be because the cause of the hot with the mustard is smooth are the meat and eggs is sweet after the dipBottom note on some good to eat, crab pot fan pot fans fans take a bit of a stir when time is more short entrance not stem not sweet don’t play don’t embellish hair head crab roe points, this should be a fresh titian role but this may be the problem of material as a whole smell too bad taste maotai-flavor chicken only on a round table and leftover dishes taste this dish overall performanceGood the some maotai-flavor aroma colloid feeling did not disadvantages are also obvious chicken is cut too broken clamp mostly to the plate in the phase of “chicken ribs” compared to say you have meat to eat meat you are more concerned about teeth don’t you say so that really have so a ZaMo supplemented meat on the table when didn’t also too occasionally turn after a few laps taste enough should be a few tables together’s heart I eat this dish onto the two soup very good bass bass chicken soup modulation of fresh degree is also very good if a little bit picky said fish is a little small was turn a circle is not too late to fine taste this with restaurant has little to do with a combination of spicy fermented black beans beans beans silk sliced practice personally, I prefer when I don’t like to eat beans clear the process is in place to eat beans lobster sauce fragrantGas explosion rich sauce aroma also did well enough cumin meat meat is tender enough cumin aroma treatment in place of a variety of spices composite aroma also slightly a little water may be more good to do some better this processing can also accept the garlic shrimp shrimp don’t eat like a shrimp do more like the taste of frozen shrimp home used frozen shrimps?Is the crisp crisp spring taste like the mouth that do not have what problem if like shrimp taste this dish covered by frozen shrimp flavor more see you personal choice amazing pumpkin puree pumpkin baked cheese performance fine soft slippery aromatic cheese taste promoted a grade a circle down scraping clean very delicious as the cumin seeds in front of capsicum Fried meat meat meat processing is too tender tender enoughIs it not fragrant enough or dry enough, or is it afraid that the temperature of frying vegetables will drop quickly, so it is designed as pot zai vegetables?But the taste is missing a lot of not enough dry compared to other food flavor for the dish are more plain water package I thought it was under the potstickers chopsticks when serving burst ice to see is a bit salty water package taste fresh pork can explode juice processing good if the bottom again some might be better for good harvest nothing too much to recommend this dish material good are delicious purple potato is startlingSweet corn sticky delicious sweet else I didn’t get the stone bowl millet arrive threw a layer of Fried I will remember correctly this is stone bowl millet double fresh modified because before I came to this had a deep impression is the last time to eat corn juice version of this is the common millet congee but good stir Fried on its own estimate price can reduce a lot of didn’t those a few fresh fresh and deliciousReverse the upgrade Fried rice do still pretty decent color is belong to the rich grain of entrance sweet have a chewy mouth defect is not give enough salt is no salt taste is pure sweet tomato eggs look pimple soup when thinking is discovered is out of the ordinary tomato egg soup a knot in one’s soup still have a lot of opened back it’s quite surprising taste shrimp with makings also only small defect is now that gave the shrimp backPut shrimp line to better relations between the summary products because I actually do not have what look forward to the store but not for a meal to eat down the feeling is quite satisfied with the meal accounts for a small hall most probably seven or eight people table serving speed is good food, have no obvious fatal flaw alone eat better than the last time I experience a lot of service is still a relatively poor state while the party basic need not takeClerk operation more but can’t meal chopsticks haven’t to go to pot of hot water along while also didn’t served nor the dishes served directly throw food on the table I have worried about restaurant smashed the glass surface summarized products improve visible to the naked eye obvious several impressive service food is in the banquet hall although is not very important but not absolutely no ah this training or can seeThe lack of