The 38-year-old former NBA All-Star proposed to his girlfriend.Three kids from a previous marriage, $100 million in career earnings

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Mention deron – Williams, many fans must be impressed, Utah Jazz after Stockton another top all-star guard, career has been selected to the All-Star team, jazz, Nets, Mavericks, Cavaliers.After retiring from the NBA after the 2017 NBA Finals, Deron has not officially announced his retirement, but he is done playing basketball.Of course, in addition to NBA All-Star, Deron also has a resounding title of “eat, sleep, play Paul”.Paul so long NBA career, the most afraid point guard is Deron, almost every time we meet will be deron dazed.Delong, who has been enjoying the Chinese New Year, posted updates on social media about his successful marriage proposal with his girlfriend.Deron knelt down at the beach and proposed with a large diamond ring to His girlfriend, Darcy, who accepted the proposal and took to social media to say he would like to be known as Darcy Williams.This is the second marriage for Deron, who spent time with a high school classmate before the NBA. He and his ex-wife had three children together, and the two have a child with autism, after deron repeatedly posted pictures of his children on social media.Deron kept his divorce a secret until fans realized he was divorced when he started dating Dasch.Deron was always sharing stories about his family until the end of 2020, when deron changed his social media style and his ex-wife was no longer there, which is probably when the relationship between the two hit the wall.But even after the divorce, Delon didn’t give up on her children, updating photos of them from time to time.But fans were a little surprised when the former model couple split up.Deron didn’t win an NBA title, but he had a successful career, earning more than $140 million in total salary and leading the Nets in single-game scoring with 57 points.After his success in NBA, Deron successfully crossed over into golf and boxing. In golf, he and Curry and other people are good friends, but also often participate in some amateur golf events, Deron also achieved a lot of excellent results.Deron has also moved into boxing, and his fight with retired NFL star Al Gore in December was trending on Twitter.Deron won the fight, but he didn’t gloat about it. He said he was probably done with boxing, because professional fights like this should be done by professional boxers. Deron kept a low profile.After he crossed the boundary and achieved success, many retired stars also choose to cross the boundary like Deron, but few can achieve success like Deron.The truth is, Deron’s got enough money to live on for the rest of his life without crossing borders, as long as he doesn’t have any bastards or anything like that.Deron hasn’t decided to retire yet. At 37, there’s still a chance he could return to the NBA. After all, his body is so good.