Money, money, money…Whose year-end bonus is piling up?!

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Money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money.Recently, Tibet has opened the “dividend mode” the majority of Tibetan farmers and herdsmen like to raise the “year-end bonus” go, follow the small edition together with happy to see this “really sweet” scene Ali Gongqian Village Geji County fresh cold chain logistics distribution center interest dividend total 46,500 yuan, 300 yuan per capita, a total of 46 households, 155 people.The Sunshine Cooperative of Daduo Village in Qamdo, Ji Wuqi County, held the fund distribution ceremony of 2021 Ji Wuqi County Forestry Industry project Jiduo Nursery.Forest seedling base project a total of 200 people, per capita dividends of 2000 yuan, agricultural machinery and tools sales project 20 people, per capita dividends of 1000 yuan, a total of 420,000 yuan.Nyingchi Husheng Ecological Agriculture Development Co., Ltd. paid base workers and temporary labor wages of 632,000 yuan to “Bugong” Blueberry Base in Duobo Village, Bayi Town, Bayi District, Nyingchi city;The purchase of pine needles and cow dung amounted to 180,000 yuan.In 2021, Zhayang Zong Tibetan Medicinal Materials Development Co., LTD., Zhaanang County, Shannan, will sell 400 thousand jin of medicinal materials, with an amount of 5 million yuan. Tibetan incense will be sold at 1.3 million yuan, and cooperative members will share out dividends at 280,000 yuan.After a year of operation and development, the members of gajiduzong Planting farmer professional cooperative in Bailang County, Shigatse, total dividends 379,500 yuan.In addition, 810 walking harvesters, 810 bags of urea, 37 electric cookers, 4 disinfection cabinets and 1 water dispensers, worth about 1.2 million yuan, were also distributed on the bonus site.In order to ensure the smooth development of the dividend work, Lhasa Branch of the People’s Bank of China closely combined with the current demand for year-end dividend of agricultural and animal husbandry cooperatives in previous years and the cash income and expenditure of banking financial institutions, precise cash in the area.By giving full play to the entire district 17 agent issue Treasury and shall establish subsidiary issue treasuries three hosting library cash supply, responsibility for 453 banking financial institutions at the county level network unit, 4346 township business for auxiliary, monitor 5628 help farmers withdrawals points, security in the farming cooperatives of share out bonus at the end of 12730, strengthening of share out bonus at the end of the key with cooperatives “one-to-one” service.During the year-end dividend sharing period of agricultural and animal husbandry cooperatives from January 4 to 20, 2022, a total of 1.139 billion yuan of cash was released in the region, among which 1.015 billion yuan of original new bonds were issued, and “new money” accounted for nearly 80% of the total amount of investment.Money in hand This is the annual harvest of Tibetan farmers and herdsmen. I wish all my friends a good harvest this year and prosperity in the coming year.The people’s Bank of Ali district the people’s Bank of Qamdo City the people’s Bank of Nyingchi City the people’s Bank of Xigaze City the people’s Bank of Shannan City