Feng Xiaoting’s 2222-word long article about China’s national football Team is not bought by netizens: See what Yao Ming said

2022-04-27 0 By

Brothers, after China lost to Vietnam, I don’t care about this sport at all.It is not that I have no love for football, but that I have lost my patience when I was abused.Recently Gong Hanlin’s words are very relieved, no matter the annual income of millions, or tens of millions, the stadium did not see them score, is to give The Chinese people lose face.Speaking of the National football team, I do not know how many people will sigh, and even some people ridicule, this is the quintessence of China.To be honest, China football team plays badly. This is the actual situation. We can’t be afraid of people saying that because we don’t play well.Feng Xiaoting angrily said he would retire, and then let Gong Hanlin.Art industry has specialized is not, Gong Hanlin sketch play so good, 18 years on the Spring Festival Gala is impeccable.But how are you good at football?Think my great China, the World Cup only entered once, or in 2002, say go out bashful?On the evening of March 14, Feng Xiaoting released a 2,222-word long article complaining and arguing for the National football Team, as if he had suffered much grievance.In the article, Feng Xiaoting constantly said that the national football team performance is not good, always the players blame, but also complained that playing football is the youth meal and so on.In fact, in my opinion, what he wrote does not hold water.It is an indisputable fact that Chinese football players have high salaries. Some players earn tens of millions of yuan a year, and even the most ordinary players have nearly one million yuan of new players.Although the current wage limit is universal, it is unknown how much higher than the average person’s income.Think about it, in modern society, what kind of work is not tiring.Some people own a breakfast place and get up at 2 or 3 a.m. every morning and go to work, day after day, year after year, without a day off.Some people work in coal mines, not only hard but also down the well, aren’t they tired?There are people hard work, a year also tens of thousands of dollars of income.In the society so hard work, low income people do not know how much.Although they did not have much cause, but finally for the construction of the motherland.But look at our football players.Have you ever made a contribution to your country in the world with a high salary and losing games?Once, Yao Ming said in an interview that he sometimes played poorly, often be scolded.His response to all this was, since he was not playing well, couldn’t anyone tell him?Yes, Feng Xiaoting hair long meaning is obvious, is to win sympathy, let everyone understand them.But, even if everyone understands you, understand the national football team, you can score?