Did you see this detail when you watched That summer of Ours

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Have you seen this detail?!The 15th episode, which was released on Monday, shows Choi and Guk enjoying a sweet date at home. One scene shows the two reading a Midsummer Night’s Dream, a famous romantic comedy by William Shakespeare, while lying on a sofa under the covers.As for why the book was chosen, it’s probably a hint at the end of the series!A Midsummer Night’s Dream is based on the story of hermia, a Greek girl who falls in love with Lysander, but is arranged by her father to marry Demetrius. They decide to elope overnight.Hermia’s friend Helena, who liked Demetrius, told him of her plans to elope to please him.All four went into the forest at night and got lost and rested where they were.At this time the fairy king Oberon and the fairy queen Titani also came to this forest.The two are quarrelling, fairy king wants to punish fairy queen, let fairy Puck while sleeping magic, so that she will always fall in love with the first person she sees when she wakes up.The elf saw four people taking a nap in the forest and cast the same spell on them.There were six amateur actors rehearsing a play in the forest, and a mischievous elf changed one of the weavers, Bolton, into a human with a donkey’s head.When the fairy queen woke up, bolton was the first person she saw. Lysander and Demetrius both fell in love with Helena and challenged her to a duel. Hermia was left alone.The fairy King asked the elves to solve the mess. After casting the spell again, the fairy queen saw the fairy King first, Lysander saw Hermia, the donkey’s head turned back into a head, and Demetrius still loved Helena without breaking his spell.After dawn the three couples returned to Athens and held a happy wedding together.Back to “that year, our summer”, Xiongyanxiu reading this period of time is in the penlast episode, this time point Zhixiong is still in trouble for his mother, color orchid is still (quite obviously) unloved, en Hao and rate of each other but also did not step out of the next step.Until the last episode, color orchid by “everyone says I am more and more like seniors” topic say like Zhixiong, en Hao also for the first time to the rate of yi issued a date invitation, male Yan show marriage is ending the priority among priorities.The final three couples finally get together, just like the ending of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.When realizing this foreshadowing, I really had goose bumps, and the screenwriter really wanted to add more chicken legs!(Some pictures and texts are from the network, deleted)