Chou Jieqiong is really understand wear, thick dress according to show fashionable senior fan, wear a tide brand is not low-key

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It is often said that you can’t have your cake and eat it too. However, in today’s age where everything is possible, the winter clothes that can’t coexist with grace and temperature in the past have begun to come to an end. They have been replaced by more fashionable and warm items, showing a new trend of fashion from generation to generation.Jie Qiong Chau’s airport outfit was particularly convincing. Even though she was wrapped up, it didn’t affect the fashion statement at all. On the contrary, she looked nice and warm.Chou Jieqiong is really understand wear, thick dress according to show fashionable senior fan, wear a tide brand is not low-key.Want to wear warm in winter, little cotton-padded jacket item not, choose a cotton-padded jacket, as one outfit, advancing with The Times can not only let us go in winter fashion forefront, also can have both warm fashionable wear take advantage, and let’s enjoy a whole winter, like Zhou Jieqiong of this kind of PU cotton clothing is this year’s trend cotton-padded jacket, take a look at what are its body advantage.PU leather is a light luxury material, which can improve the quality of cotton clothing from the shiny fabric. Compared with the previous polyester cotton clothing, PU material has many advantages, not only waterproof and dirty, but also cold and wind resistant. In the visual effect of wearing, leather itself is full of strong street attributes.In this way, the design effect of cotton-padded clothes just neutralizes the low-key and simple disadvantages of the previous cotton-padded clothes, making cotton-padded clothes perfect to rise to the top three of winter fashionable coats.The advantage of cotton-padded jacket to keep warm thick and fashion, the design style of it is to become the main elements of the lotus root, give a person a kind of dress sense of the fluffy cute, but Zhou Jieqiong ling this big squares line design will duck villi more perfect compression, reduce the lovely artistically reveals atmosphere and easy advantage, its fixed velveteen type thrum also won’t produce run, MAO for tide women,A new cotton-padded suit in this category is really worth buying.Traditional cotton-padded clothes have a disadvantage in wearing, that is, the design without fleece in the inner lining is always cold and sharp in the upper body for more than ten seconds. However, The design of Zhou Jieqiong is perfect in the inner lining. The fleece design with three seconds of heat can also enhance the overall thick sense of the coat from the appearance and vision, giving people a feeling of a warmer and stronger upper body effect.However, this kind of cotton-padded clothes like Zhou Jieqiong’s black trousers are not suitable for small girls, showing short and short legs, which should be noted.Suggest you choose as wearing a thick coat, which is able to take a lot of inner space to build lightsome cheerful one outfit effect, also do not need the tie-in tide girls don’t like bulky sweater, like Zhou Jieqiong inside take a long white T-shirt is able to bear or endure look, and within the color inside and black white contrast are also makes the color more advanced modelling to catch the eye.Popular LOGO LOGO for our add recognizable modelling, also can greatly improve the wear with high sense of luxury, see Zhou Jieqiong dress using even more advanced, in addition to the color match her scarf and the knitting hat is very distinctive, is a white fluffy scarf sense of fair maiden celebrities, and knit cap relaxed and age of dimension reduction, the effect of a match like this can appear the whole people more tender,Also through the chanel LOGO to interpret the modelling of dignitaries and advanced fashion brand spirit, have to say that Zhou Jieqiong is really wear, thick dress according to the fashionable senior fan.Well, I am every day, thank you so good-looking also come to see my article, the above is the collocation of this issue to share!The content is based on the analysis of fashion wear, not for commercial purposes, the pictures are from the network, if there is an infringement to delete the picture sorry.