Xintian: A combination of measures to cope with this round of snow and ice weather

2022-04-26 0 By

(Correspondent Chen Jianquan) According to the forecast of the provincial meteorological bureau, hunan province has a new round of freezing rain and snow.It is reported that this year’s low temperature rain and snow is the longest and most extensive since 1961.In order to deal with this round of low temperature rain and snow weather, in recent days, Xintian County city management and comprehensive law enforcement bureau set up to deal with rain and snow and frozen weather urban emergency disposal team, actively equipped with de-icing emergency supplies, law enforcement personnel increase inspection efforts, to ensure the smooth operation of the city and urban gas supply orderly and safe operation.In order to deal with the rain and snow and frozen weather, Xintian county held several defense low temperature rain and snow and frozen weather meeting, and mobilize all forces to actively deal with the current round of rain and snow and frozen weather.Organization and command in place.Xintian county departments at all levels earnestly strengthen the leadership of the Party, give full play to the advantages of socialism, improve ideological understanding, immediately start level 3 or 4 emergency response.Major leaders will play a leading role in the response to this round of cold rain, snow and ice storms.Propaganda mobilization in place.Always closely around the “five guarantees” goal, adhere to the “five strictly prohibited, five must” principle of work, make full use of SMS, “village ring” and other ways to do a good job of propaganda guidance, timely release of early warning information to the masses of the people, do a good job of early warning propaganda, build up the people’s defense line.Key precautions are in place.The prevention and control measures are focused on key industries such as transportation, fire control, water supply and gas supply, enterprises that have resumed work, key areas such as heavy snowstorms, elderly and children left behind in rural areas, and people living in cities and market towns.The platoon is in position.Implement emergency supplies, emergency plans and personnel.Construction of rural housing and sewage and garbage treatment facilities will be adjusted or suspended in accordance with weather conditions.We will do a solid job in identifying and managing potential safety hazards in rural housing to ensure that dilapidated houses are not occupied by people.Hollow rooms set up clear and conspicuous warning signs, especially to prevent snow crushing the house wounding events.Accountability is in place.Fully understand the impact of this round of rain, snow and freezing weather on people’s lives, further improve the ideological understanding, according to the division of emergency plan, the implementation of the leadership shift on duty system, the responsibility of all departments, timely report disaster loss.