The new semester begins!Primary and middle school students in Changzhi city feel comfortable returning to school

2022-04-26 0 By

Carry out campus hidden trouble investigation, wrong peak reporting, “Bing Dun Dun” to welcome back to school……On February 17, primary and middle school students in Changzhi city returned to school as scheduled to start the new semester.In order to ensure a safe school opening, all schools have made early plans and scientific arrangements to make a series of preparations, including campus renewal, atmosphere building, safety inspection and epidemic prevention and control, so that students can return to school with warmth and comfort.After the elimination of campus, everywhere clean, reassuring.Before returning to school, all schools in Changzhi carried out a comprehensive eradication of the campus in accordance with the relevant requirements of epidemic prevention and control.Related person in charge of Changzhi No. 5 Middle School introduced: “Before the beginning of the school, on the basis of careful environmental health management, epidemic prevention and control material reserves and other work, the classroom, corridor, library, activity room and other areas were cleaned and eliminated.At the same time, dynamic health monitoring will be carried out to create a safe, healthy and hygienic learning and working environment for teachers and students.”Food safety is also an important part of campus safety.Before the school began, Changzhi No. 5 middle school to do all the preparations, arrange professional teachers for nutrition analysis of recipes, developed nutrition recipes.At the same time, the health status of canteen employees, canteen environmental hygiene and tableware cleaning and disinfection of detailed inspection.”We ensure that fresh vegetables meet the standards every day and carry out strict tests to protect the ‘tongue safety’ of teachers and students,” said an official from the school.The puppet “Bing Dwen Dwen” and the mascot “Xiao Kui” are waiting for students to return to school.Campus wishing tree “help” children round the wish of the New Year……The warm details of the opening of some schools in Changzhi city make students’ hearts warm.Luzhou District Dongguan Primary school from the details, the class of bulletin board content for the New Year change, the teachers hand painted welcome slogan, the school also prepared a characteristic “red envelope” for each student.In order to let students feel the atmosphere of the Winter Olympics, the school has set up a “Bing Dwen Dwen” modeling exhibition area, where students can display their own works when they enter the school.At the same time, the school also set up a curling experience area to enrich students’ after-school life.Before the beginning of the semester, the schools of Changzhi city also conducted training for subject teachers, comprehensively consolidating and improving the level of “double reduction” work, tamping the foundation of teaching work, and making full preparations for the healthy and happy growth of students in the new semester.”The implementation of the ‘double reduction’ policy is an important task of the new semester, we from creating efficient classroom, improve the quality of teaching, reduce students’ workload and other aspects of the discussion, effectively let students healthy development, long-term development, happy growth.”Luzhou District jiandong primary school deputy principal Guo Yan said.(Source: GUI Bin, Changzhi Daily)