Supreme Love

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Xu Ma just returned to Jiujiang, can’t wait with Qiqi Yueyue video.Xu Ma is always the first to share good things with him away granddaughter nowadays, jiujiang nanshan the plum blossom in full bloom in the park, with such beautiful plum blossom, Xu Ma first shoot video for qiqi yueyue, and invited qiqi yueyue, jiujiang New Year next year, grandma and grandpa will take you to see the plum flower Xu Ma love these two smart grandchildren, every time I see qiqi yueyue,Xu Min all want to hold up grandson Qi Qi.Looked at him thoughtfully, wish all the love to them as long as it is in the house son vivek, Xu Ma sight is not open qiqi yueyue, she tried to owe son vivek 28 years of love make up for the grandchildren, all Xu Ma is a good mother with love qiqi yueyue a few days to see grandma, is also very miss grandma and grandpa, looking forward to grandma and grandpa to return early.Odd odd even want to count two short time, can see the amiable grandparents, when the mother Tian Jing told him not to, smart odd loudly and firmly asked “that I count to ten thousand can see grandma?””, quietly asked “not tired?Qiqi answered happily and gently, “Not tired.”It can be seen how much Qiqi likes grandma and misses her.Xu Min in the product processing plant across the screen, and strange yueyue interaction, eyes revealed are happy full of love Xu Min love for the children, are from the heart of the true feelings of love.Intellectual and elegant and kind love, Xu Ma’s love of Strange Yue Yue, to the day to panic to the old will not fade, Xu Ma’s love for the children is from the heart of love.Teach Qiqi to recite ancient words, play games with qiqi, walk with Qiqi’s hand, buy delicious food for Qiqi…A warm and beautiful picture.