Further promote the cooperation with Sanming city to build a traditional Chinese medicine medical center in northwest Fujian

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Recently, guang ‘anmen hospital and Sanming hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western medicine held a key specialist construction online forum.Our party secretary Wang Xiaopin, President hu yuan, deputy director li jie, sanming city vice mayor n. p., sanming XiaoShiXuan, sanming, director of the health committee, deputy director of the health, sanming administration of traditional Chinese medicine gui-long li, sanming combine traditional Chinese and western medicine hospital, director of the party and government leadership and the relevant functional departments, head of the two,Medical representatives of key specialties attended the video conference.The meeting was presided over by Wen Lixin, secretary of the Party Committee of Sanming Sino-Western Integrated Hospital.The conference aims to promote a min northwest regional medical center of traditional Chinese medicine cooperation project, sanming combine traditional Chinese and western medicine hospital heart, anus bowel division, tumor with comprehensive treatment, spleen and stomach disease, sleep psychiatrist, acupuncture and massage section needs of the present situation, the department to assist in the report, our counterpart, head of the department according to the report puts forward specific guidance.Vice Mayor Lin Jing pointed out that sanming Health Committee and Sanming Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine should seize the opportunity, focus on the characteristics and advantages of the departments, optimize the development structure layout, and promote the service capacity of Traditional Chinese medicine in Sanming to a new level according to the comments of the experts in Guang ‘anmen Hospital.Hu Yuanhui, president of sanming Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, pointed out that “Sanming medical reform” set an example for deepening medical reform in the whole country.Guang ‘anmen Hospital will fully support the cooperation between the two sides, put forward suggestions on discipline construction and information fusion, and help sanming Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital to improve the “national examination” scores around the performance appraisal of the third-level national public hospitals.Wang Xiaopin secretary stressed, according to the state administration of traditional Chinese medicine, China academy of traditional Chinese medicine as a whole layout, the gate of hospital attaches great importance to this cooperation project, the hospital will be from the famous doctor studio, business backbone stationary point support, talent education, training, party building and so on eight aspects to carry out in-depth cooperation, explore new methods of promotion “sanming reform experience”To jointly create the cooperation model of northwest Fujian regional medical center.From January 17 to 19, Chen Shibo, deputy director of endocrinology department, was dispatched to Sanming Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine to carry out key clinical teaching and special lectures.In view of difficult cases, I communicated with medical staff, gave detailed explanations and made comprehensive comments, which provided better diagnosis and treatment ideas for medical staff and helped to drive the construction of the specialty.