Do not let the new policy become an excuse for banks to maintain savings lines!

2022-04-26 0 By

Today, I talked with a vice president of a state-owned bank branch about the need to declare the source or use of deposits and withdrawals of more than 50,000 yuan from March 1.The deputy governor said he did not know how. The new rules would indeed come into effect on March 1st, but it was not clear how they would affect deposits and withdrawals.The purpose of this policy is to prevent money laundering and other illegal and criminal activities.Unlike money transfers, which leave little trace on the system, cash withdrawals and withdrawals are nearly impossible to track before and after, leaving room for criminal activity to flicker.But such things as money laundering are very far away from ordinary people, so we need to explain the source and use of deposits and withdrawals of more than 50,000 yuan is not a bit too hard?When I put this question to the vice president his answer should surprise you.Crimes such as money laundering are far away from ordinary people, but lawbreaking is not.For example, when the real estate market was hot, some speculators used consumer loans to cash out their homes.Specifically, after the application of consumer loans immediately withdraw cash, by friends or relatives into the bank and then transfer to him, and then buy a house.So there’s no evidence that the money from the consumer loans that went into the housing market didn’t violate the purpose of the loan.The most important thing in the whole process is to withdraw cash. The use of cash can be arbitrarily described. Some people say they bought priceless jade.If the capture of consumer loans is completed through the transfer of money, it is easy to find out the problem, the whole trace combined with the time of real estate transfer transaction can always find the final destination of the loan.There’s some truth to what he’s saying, you may not be doing anything illegal but that doesn’t mean that others aren’t, and insiders are exposed to a lot more different situations than we are.However, the new rules only require banks to know the source and use of money when they deposit or withdraw more than 50,000 yuan. They are not based on the right not to deposit or withdraw money. I am afraid that the above policy will be increased layer upon layer to bring inconvenience to everyone.Deposits are better. In the face of large withdrawals, will some bank branches take advantage of the new rules to deliberately prevent depositors from withdrawing large amounts of cash in order not to reduce the deposit limit?This is something that must be prevented. The regulators are dealing with money laundering and other criminal activities, not providing an excuse for banks to achieve their own interests and inconvenience the public.The above is purely personal opinion, welcome to pay attention to, like @Wang Wu said money, your support is the best encouragement for the original!