Advance to the final against Finland!Men’s ice hockey semifinals: Russia and Austria beat Sweden 2-1

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Beijing time on February 18, 2022 Beijing Olympic men’s hockey semi-final at the national stadium, Finnish male ice world ranked second with section 1, cary – manny ning and section 3 harry – palin sonin, frames the score to 2-0 eliminated large dark horse Slovakia, this is the third time in 1988 and 2006 finals games,The competition was the defending champion Russian Olympic Committee, which defeated Sweden 2-1 on penalties after Anton Slepyshev’s volley in the second but Anton Randle equalised in the third before failing to score in extra time.Men’s Ice hockey Semi-finals:Finland 2-0 Slovakia (1-0, 0-0, 1-0) American Craig Ramsey leads Slovakia,Start goalkeeper Patrick Ribar (24), defenders Peter Cheresnak (14) and Mihal Tchaikovsky (65), strikers Juraj Slavkovski (20), Marek Hryvik (27) and Peter Czehrarik (34).Jukka Jaronen coached Finland to send goalkeeper Harri Setairi (29), defender Miko Lehtonen (4) and Jusso Hietanen (38), strikers Markus Granlund (60), Sakari Maninen (65) and Taimu Hartikainen (70).At the start of the first quarter, the clash between Finland and Slovakia escalated to the point where the referee was caught in the crossfire after a player took a dangerous swing to the head and then had to sit on the backboard to avoid being hit.At 15:58, Finland opened the scoring with the help of slovak goalkeeper Patrick Ribar (no. 24) who lifted his leg to block a pad shot. Sakari Maninen (no. 65) shot a dead corner with the help of Sami Vatanen (no. 42) and Pietri Lindeboom (No. 40).Slovakia faced penalties at 28:35 and 29:22 in the second period after Peter Cheresnak (No. 14) and Pavel Regenda (No. 87) stumbled, but they were spared for much of the second period against the Dutch.Julaj Slavkovski, no. 20, missed on a drive by No. 88 Kristian Persihir for a trip at 41:21 of the third period, but the defense faced a two-on-one situation before Goalkeeper Patrick Ribar, no. 24, stole the puck.Goalkeeper Patrick Ribar 24 made a positive save but accidentally missed, but the Slovak defender made a decisive move in the confusion.Slovak tried to break out of the deficit, even replacing the goalkeeper and the striker, but was attacked by Finland in 59 minutes and 21 seconds.No. 2 Vilai Poka and No. 70 Taimu Haltikainen cleared long passes from the back line, and the Finnish men scored easily through No. 82 Harry Pesonen to reach the final for the third time 2-0.Russian Olympic Committee 2-1 Sweden (0-0, 1-0, 0-1, 0-0 in extra time, 1-0 on penalties) Alexei Zamunov coached the Russian Olympic Committee,Starting goalie Ivan Fedotov (28), defenders Yegor Yakovlev (44) and Alexander Yeresin (4), forwards Anton Slepyshev (58), Pavel Karnhov (15) and Dmitry Voronkov (10);The Swedish men’s ice squad, headed by John Galpenloff, includes goalie Lars Johansson (31), defenders Philipp Holm (52) and Christian Folin (2), strikers Matias Brome (86) and Anton Randle (58), and Karl Klingberg (48).Forward No. 42 Joakim Nordstrom was fouled by Russia’s No. 76 Andrei Chisov at 4:29 in the first period, and Sweden’s No. 23 Lukas Valmak was elbowed in the face by No. 7 Henrik Tommenes when he ran into a teammate.Sweden’s No. 18 Denis Eveberi was suspended for two minutes for stumbling at 16:01, while Russian Olympic Committee No. 55 Vladimir Tkachev was penalised five seconds later for hitting the ball with his stick but failed to score after a flurry of attacks.In the second period yegor Yakovlev (44) and Pavel Karnaukhov (15) set up the goal, the Russian Olympic Committee took a 1-0 lead through forward Anton Slepishev (58), who turned and drove in, swiping past the defender and the goalkeeper.Striker No. 23 Lucas Valmark intentionally held the stick of the opponent’s No. 10 Dmitry Voronkov, and the Swedish man was suspended for two minutes at 35 minutes 32 seconds, resulting in less play and more fighting. The two teams gradually escalated and even pushed each other before the referee on the job urged him to leave.Third quarter 64, Jonathan – henrik and 7 – he pressure in front of the door, 58, Swedish men rely on ice striker Anton – Randall tenacity, 1-1 before the Russian Olympic committee (ioc) danger even the goalkeeper to clubs to sell continuously, and Sweden matias – 86 block with Russian Alexander – 4 blade row blows.The Russian Olympic Committee went through to the final 2-1 on penalties after pavel Karnaukhov crashed into the net in extra time but still scored 1-1.Italian teacher Eva, natalia 1 China men’s hockey team, in the Beijing Olympics have to group A 0 to 8 swept by the United States, 2-3 defeat of Germany and 0-5 obedience, Canada because 0-3 0 to 14 points and goal difference at the bottom, there is no direct the quarter-finals but still shortlisted for the group D, integrated performance always ranked 12th in qualifying challenges fifth in Canada,Although the naturalized forward Jian ‘an scored twice, but still lost 7-2 to the quarterfinals, the winter Olympics is difficult to win the final ranked 12th.