She became one of the most popular actresses of her time. She left her husband in love and was single at 62

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At the 28th China Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Festival, many stars who were active in the 1980s came, including Liu Xiaoqing, Siqin Gaowa, Wang Fuli and Song Xiaoying.Speaking of the older generation of actors, Gong Xue, Liu Xiaoqing, Pan Hong, these three are among them.Fang Shu is a rich family, beautiful since childhood, personality is also very active.Fang Shu started acting at the age of 7. She was in the entertainment industry and fell in love with acting at first sight.When She was in college, Fang Shu had a few chances to make look at the Family with Liu Xiaoqing, the female lead and male lead.Since then, Fang shu has acted in many famous movies and TV dramas, becoming one of the most popular actresses of her time.However, she has never given up his career, she in love over and over again failure, this is ordinary people can not understand.Fang shu met her ex-husband, Chen Guoxing, a well-known director, when she was still in college.Chen guoxing is honest and honest and has great ambition. In the past few years, his appearance is not bad. When he announced his love relationship, he was considered as a pair by his teachers and classmates, so they all spoke highly of him.Tu Honggang in the circle of public praise is not good, when he just started, also can be regarded as a talent, but the character is not good, is said to be a black sheep.Accidental opportunity, Tu Hong just knew Fang Shu, although he had been married, but he is still hot pursuit of Fang Shu.Just let him did not think of is, Tu Honggang not only changed, but also become charming.Sad the Fang Shu that be about to be absolutely desperate, after passing long effort, still did not save this picard marriage to come back, but under, two people had to choose divorce.After divorce, Fang Shu did not turn over a new leaf, Fang Shu disappeared from the scene a lot of years ago, a person is taking two daughters, and Tu Honggang is an outsider.Fang Shu, 62, is rarely seen in public and her recent photos are not as dazzling as they used to be, but her two daughters are doing well.