Playing Mahjong during Chinese New Year

2022-04-25 0 By

Playing mahjong is a common hobby of all Chinese people.It is estimated that hundreds of millions of Chinese play mahjong, and the number of Chinese who know the game is an even larger number.In China, if you say you don’t know how to play mah-jongg, you are too embarrassed to speak or even to visit.This year New Year, played three mahjong games.Session 1, the first day of the first lunar month, 20:00 — 2:00 p.m.The second session,16:30-19:30, the second day of the first lunar month.The third show, the second night of the first lunar month,20:30-1:30.People or fixed that three, win a lose two, a “MAO Grandpa” into the pocket of the family.Has not played mahjong for at least a year, one does not have much interest in mahjong;For one thing, I have to go to work and take care of my daughter, so I have no time to play mahjong.For one thing, it’s hard to fit four people around a table.Although there is a heart to play mahjong with the elderly, but it is difficult to really sit down to play mahjong with the elderly action.At the beginning took out a pair of mahjong, mahjong mat tablecloth are sent out a musty taste, it rest idle time too long.Do you need skills to play mahjong?Rough think, playing mahjong is lucky.But after a period of playing mahjong, it will be concluded that playing mahjong or the need for technology.Otherwise, why, fixed personnel playing mahjong, always someone to win more money to lose less money, and some people always lose more money to win less money.Although think, anyway is the family to play together, is also rare to play with the elderly at home, but calculate down to lose money, or in the mind have ideas, no fun.Or win money is good, if lose money 100, change to win money 100, is not up and down the difference of 200, enough for a family to travel around, or a good meal money.There is no size on the mahjong table.Playing mahjong, fight is physical strength and intelligence, playing mahjong, see is character and character.Playing mahjong, small gambling happy, big gambling hurt the body.Proper entertainment is good, and if it can be supplemented by winning small tickets, it is also a pleasure!