PLA war patrol in the South Pacific, Australian anti-submarine aircraft peeping, accused by laser irradiation, self-humiliation

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Australia is an island country located in the southern hemisphere, far away from China, but would like to military deployment to the China home, since 2022, the royal Australian air force is using P – 8 a “sea king” anti-submarine patrol at sea, through the deployment of military bases in Malaysia, in south China sea and the andaman sea to the so-called “buzzed reconnaissance,”Global defense observe think it is for us encircling and containing China’s strategy, the royal Australian air force Numbers for A47-009 – P – 8 a sea of anti-submarine patrol is to realize for deterrence, the strait of malacca strait of malacca is one of the important channel of China foreign trade and energy imports, to let the United States and Australia is considerable attention.In fact, Australia is closely following the United States against China, not only the approach of P-8A Sea King maritime anti-submarine patrol aircraft, but also other warships on China’s doorstep combat cruise.The Chinese people’s Liberation Army (PLA) has taken the initiative to launch a deterrent patrol near Australia’s doorstep by mobilizing a fleet of naval vessels.According to Australian media reports, the PLA’s Type 071 amphibious landing ship Jinggangshan and 052D guided-missile destroyer Hefei formed a formation recently to conduct combat patrol in the waters south of Australia. According to the AIS signal,The guided-missile destroyer Hefei and the amphibious dock landing ship Jinggangshan left the Torres Strait and entered the Coral Sea on February 18.When the PLA navy fleet was carrying out military operations in the South Pacific, Australia was not calm, so it used P-8A “Sea King” maritime anti-submarine patrol aircraft to spy on the PLA fleet, during which it publicly accused the PLA of shining lasers at the Australian P-8A maritime anti-submarine patrol aircraft.Australia accused the PLA of acting unprofessionally.Global Defense Watch said That Australia was bullying itself, that the PLA was conducting combat patrols on the high seas, and that it was not up to Australia to comment, and that the P-8A of the Royal Australian Navy was spying in close proximity, which was hostile.Australia has publicly accused the PEOPLE’s Liberation Army of shining lasers at p-8A Sea King aircraft.Australia from the United States bought a large number of P – 8 a “sea king” anti-submarine patrol at sea, in order to cooperate with the United States to China’s strategy of encircling and containing, the royal Australian navy in China before the door, to today’s people’s liberation army (PLA) is reimburses consumers, the people’s liberation army by tf doorstep battle cruise in Australia, also released a clear signal to Australia,If Australia crosses the red line, the PLA will not be polite.The PLA fleet’s patrol mission in the South Pacific has greatly shocked Australia’s sense of “superiority”, hit Australia in the face, and also warned the US.There is a price to pay for Australia’s role as America’s pliant. China is rising and Australia has a choice to make.The tf in the people’s liberation army close to Australia at the same time, the people’s liberation army and another 071 dock landing ships in the south Pacific, on February 1, the people’s liberation army dispatched 071 type dock landing ships and integrated supply ship, place of thousands of tons of relief supplies to the tonga in the south Pacific in the people’s liberation army fleet arrived in tonga,On February 18, the PLA also sent a large y-20 military transport plane to the Solomon Islands to deliver a large number of anti-epidemic supplies.202202283/ Global Defense Watch/Ali, judging from the ACTIONS of the PLA, Australia does not have the final say in the South Pacific. Australia’s confrontation with China is a “hammer for hammer”, and the PLA launched a counterattack with a peer-to-peer patrol.