New Year walk grassroots! Buy a pot of flowers for the New Year

2022-04-25 0 By

Beautiful flowers symbolize auspiciousness and beauty. More and more people choose to buy “New Year flowers” to add festive atmosphere at home. Buying flowers to celebrate the New Year has become a new fashion for the Chinese New Year.Wang, who lives in Kangbashi Xincheng community, bought a lot of flowers this year.She is most satisfied of, be two especially delicate and charming phalaenopsis, the flower language of phalaenopsis is “the advent of happiness”, be placed in the home, look at let a person be happy, the heart gives birth to happiness.In addition to flowers, Ms. Wang also has a beautiful pot of Holly at home, which is almost the focus of attention of every visiting relatives and friends.Holly is a dioecious plant that leaves its leaves in winter, leaving red and full fruit. It is endowed with the beautiful meaning of “precious life” because of its extreme cold tolerance and its ability to withstand low temperatures of more than 30 degrees below zero.Every year approaching the New Year, just to reach the best viewing period of Holly.Dense and bright red fruits hang on the branches, which is in line with the atmosphere of the Spring Festival and the aesthetic habits of the Chinese people.(Photo/Article: Ma Dong)