Jilin province has launched the 2022 Spring Breeze Campaign

2022-04-25 0 By

On February 16, Jilin Province 2022 Spring Breeze action and industrial enterprise employment service special action was launched in Panshi City.At the same time, the province has organized a number of special recruitment activities for workers.Admission in main rock, 169 fields inside and outside the enterprise recruitment, provides research and development, finance, marketing and so on three major categories of more than 200 jobs, through the air, host and hiring applicants with a camera, head of the field into the factory, and from the enterprise culture, labor demand, job requirements, welfare treatment, work environment, etc, are introduced, one by oneAnswer candidates’ questions in a timely manner.120 people reached agreement of intent on the day of the activity.On the same day, changchun, Jilin, Tonghua, Songyuan and Yanbian also held special job fairs for migrant workers, helping migrant workers stranded in employment due to the epidemic and rural workers who want to relocate to other places to connect with employers.The Spring Breeze Campaign has also organized migrant workers to work outside the city in an orderly manner and encouraged local employment and entrepreneurship.During the province’s linkage day, a total of 126 special job fairs for migrant workers were organized, with 31,000 migrant workers applying for jobs, 2,311 enterprises of various kinds were organized, 51,000 jobs were provided, and 4,805 people were achieved employment intention.