Beijing Chaoyang: Post fu character, post window decoration winter Olympics service to ensure the hotel “New Year flavor” full

2022-04-25 0 By

Year of the Tiger Spring Festival is coming, chaoyang District Winter Olympics service guarantee hotel is also a thriving, beaming, full of flavor, guarantee staff and guests will spend a special Spring Festival together.Spring Festival is a traditional Chinese festival, paste the word “fu” is a traditional custom.In Jinling Hotel, working class commander Zhang Shaoan wrote more than 500 fu and tiger characters for all the guests in the hotel, the hotel added New Year pictures, Spring Festival element dolls, Chinese knot and other Traditional Chinese cultural atmosphere layout, the Spring Festival atmosphere is full.The hotel also handed out small gifts for the New Year, providing sugar oranges, dried fruit and other food.In the New Year’s Eve “New Year’s Eve dinner” menu, will also add four happy balls, dumplings, etc., full of New Year flavor.Crowne plaza in new yunnan, program staff sun yan teacher foreign guests to the hotel each made a new bookmarks, with traditional Chinese seal character, official script, regular script, running script font to write “happy New Year”, “three Yang kaitai”, “happiness peace”, “family” and so on the blessings, deserve to go up and English translation, send New Year wishes at the same time,It also shows the charm of Chinese culture to foreign guests.In HNA Marriott Hotel, we cut and pasted paper-cuts together, decorated the hotel together, and even designed a video concert after the “New Year’s Eve dinner”.Beijing Youth Daily reporter Li Zewei editor gao Yan