Which is more cost-effective, “working for 3 years” or “going to graduate school for 3 years”?The answer comes from someone who’s been there

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Some people describe college as an “ivory tower”, because it not only isolates students from the pressure of employment, but also isolates them from the worries of raising a family.As the saying goes, “Good life is always short.” The journey of college will end one day, and the rest of the day depends on the students themselves.However, when graduation approaches, students are always at a loss and do not know what to do next, especially when faced with the single choice of “employment” and “postgraduate entrance examination”, they do not know how to answer.A total of 4.57 million students applied online to take the 2022 national postgraduate entrance exam, according to statistics.There are both fresh graduates who plan to try, and former graduates who failed in World War II and World War III. So what supports millions of graduate students to forge ahead?First of all, now the job market is severe, undergraduate degree is serious “discount”, many state-owned enterprises, Internet companies have improved the recruitment standards to graduate degree, in order to avoid the embarrassment of unemployment upon graduation, students can only grasp the promotion of the degree of this “straw”.Next, although the road that take an examination of grind is arduous long again, can compare the complexity at duty field environment and all sorts of people worldly wisdom, take an examination of grind integral environment appears as before “pure”.Therefore, a large number of students will choose to take the postgraduate entrance exam in order to escape the reality of employment.Finally, if students can successfully land in the entrance exam, it means that they can still be protected by their parents and not bear the burden of supporting their families.Visible, take an examination of grind really is an out-and-out “umbrella”.However, from the national line announced the results, this year’s graduate examination “results inside the volume” seems to be particularly serious, pedagogy, economics, literature and other majors are up more than 10 points.In this case, there are bound to be more students become a “stepping stone”, even if efforts for a year may not be able to obtain a return.Take an examination of grind or work, how to choose more cost-effective after all?Many bearer is so answer actually about “take an examination of grind good or obtain employment good” this topic, argue endlessly on the net all the time.It is like “Fortress Besieged”, has become the workplace “veteran” people will think: “if had attended graduate school maybe now will have better opportunities”, and is in school with the thesis “dead break” students may have taken the idea of “better than the original direct employment”.So, in the same period of time, “working for 3 years” or “graduate school for 3 years”, which is more cost-effective?The answer is given by those who have been there.They said: “In the short term, there is no difference between the two, and even those who choose to take the postgraduate entrance exam will pay more time and economic costs. But in the long term, those who choose to take the postgraduate entrance exam will overtake others.””Advantage”, brought by the one’s deceased father grind is a invisible wealth ▶ graduation have the chance to get known better platform to develop into the high pay, high welfare is the dream of most students, such as state-owned enterprises, Internet “giant”, leading technology companies generally on the high side, to the requirement of talent recruitment requirements even write “bachelor degree or above,It still gives more weight to applicants with graduate degrees in its initial screening.After all, in the public’s general perception, graduate students are better in learning ability, understanding ability, professionalism and pattern.Many employers look for highly educated, high-quality employees as reserve management positions, so starting salaries and benefits are better than those of college or junior college employees.Under the same conditions, the postgraduate status can help students achieve career success and make them go faster and farther in the industry.▶ have more opportunity in a new line of cities is now “talent dividend” period, the dah sing first-tier cities have joined the “war for talent”, for a postgraduate degree of talent opened the supporting policies, including education, medical treatment, settle, housing rent subsidies, subsidies, etc., is covering all aspects.Under the temptation of such benefits, students tend to take root in first-tier or new first-tier cities and become thorough insiders.Take an examination of one’s deceased father grind competition pressure is increasingly outstanding, the examinee that has an idea does preparation as far as possible early no matter be from enter oneself for an examination of the increase of the number of persons, mark “inside roll”, still be each big school increases push avoid living to take a proportion to look, take an examination of one’s deceased father grind competition becomes more and more intense already was the thing that is nailed on board.This means that if students do not have two brushes, or not sure in March, September every year to successfully apply for postgraduate students, then basically with the shore.Suggest to take an examination of grind to plan so the student of big two, big three, the review plan that opens oneself as early as possible, do not procrastinate, waste oneself time in vain when the time comes.Do you think it is better to take the postgraduate entrance examination or to work right after graduation?