Tianjin property market, leaping out of a “bizarre” transaction list

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Off-season + epidemic = shock market in January.You saw a knee-deep 71% drop in new home sales in January, which is actually less than that.Quite a few of the late December rush wave signed up in January.There is a lag, but it does not prevent discussion of trends.However, after looking at the plate ranking, abruptly to the whole won’t.Except bang yi Big brother eco-city, the whole mess below, like a mudslide chaos.In the past more than 200 sets of transactions, are not necessarily able to enter the top 10, now more than 70 sets of even if good.Top 10 badly lacerated.I can’t find the shadow of Jinnan, especially xianshui Gu, even the top 20.After all, Jinnan in January, only 8 days market.Who can blame a sick child for failing to do well.Fortunately, in the top 20, basically all in the family neat.The volume didn’t hold, but the price held.Since they are so desperate son, then compare who is more desperate.Interesting phenomenon.Volume of small decline, the basic geographical buying – based.As promised, January volumes are supported by them.Citywide turnover is down 71%, which is the average.You see, declines of less than 70% have one thing in common: closed markets.Baodi City south, Jinghai Town, Qiaobei New Area, Binhai Development Zone, Balitai Town, Jizhou New Town, Nanhu.Basically, local people buy houses, and the demand is stable.In addition to the Binhai Development Zone, the urbanization of other sectors has not yet finished.Nanhu, in 2020, attracted a wave of north drift due to the tongwu Corridor concept, but it has not moved, and is now abandoned by North Drift.In Binhai Development Zone, the highest trading volume in January is Tianbao Tiancheng Huajing, Yuanyang Kunting, 32 sets, 27 sets respectively.About 20,000 / square meter, too competitive in the development zone, especially tianbao Tiancheng Hua Jing, but also free parking space.The east one district school on the north side of the first street may introduce a nine-year high school attached to Renmin University, the school is already under construction.There are a few special cases.South station (including Zhangjiawou) volume drop 58%, relatively calculate little.The main force is Jinmen Zhengrong Mansion, that batch of preferential rooms signed 39 sets.Rongqiao fangyuan signed 11 sets, mostly zhangjiawou geographical improvement.Tuoposi also depends on the exchange of value.The last wave of housing plunge of Rongsheng Splendid University, signed 43 sets of 10,000 yuan/square meter, and then retired.Tuanbo east belongs to high drop and potential energy is insufficient.December just clinked 291 sets, college entrance examination before the New Deal, more than 400 sets of play every month.If clinch a deal top 20, by drop ranking, it is very obvious.”Why did he get the first place in the exam? Because the one who usually gets the first place in the exam was ill and didn’t come.”January is not normal, judging the strength of the plate, have to look at.Volume drops, but there is long-term value.Haijiao Park, Airport, New Meijiang, Jingwu Town, Central Business District, ecological City, Binhai West Station…Most are supported by buyers from outside the area, or by new Tianjin residents.After everyone’s selection, only the strong survive.Coverage of the audience is wider, affected by the market.Haijiao Garden definitely belongs to the “disabled and indomitable”.After being “devastated”, the school district ranked 11th, and its energy was “nuclear power”.Zhonghai Jincheng can sell well, all with the advantage of the existing house.Now all eyes are on the small apartment of Sunac Yunchao House, but it is said that it can be opened in March, and we have to wait for a while.Heping school district has been incandescent, hai Jiao Park this year is bound to be full of joy.New Meijiang see quantity also see price, have quantity also can carry price, this buddy can place.Bought a house years ago, are wearing a healthy bracelet, afraid of price suddenly brain stem.New Meijiang will not, what wind and waves have come.China sky mirror, Tianjin Rui Fu, are in the closing point, very firm.Tianjin “642” housing price pattern is very hard state.Peace, South Kaidu ran to 70 thousand to pull up, 40 thousand new Meijiang stand steady.This week, Jingwu town sales office see more, Saturday are double-click 666.Paulie and light dust yue, villa Moet yue already warm up.Who think “Huludao eldest brother” and in the West green open a bottle.The second half of the situation, again unknown.In January, Midea Xu Hui Han Yue Fu signed the first, 32 sets.To small high, high-rise, the average contract price of 19,000 / square meter, the house is still “high and few”.This year, the quasi – present house advantage is extremely obvious at this stage.Poly and Light dust yue signed 28 sets, Vanke jade Avenue (according to the distance temporarily assigned to Jingwu town) signed 21 sets.The airport signed 53 sets in January.Greentown Laurel listening Orchid signed 13 sets, ocean chaoqi Oriental signed 9 sets.Now greentown is the most preferred airport, the price is reasonable, the location has no choice.Big chance at the airport. Big story.Tianjin Airport is on a par with Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, and has been selected as one of the “Four airports” and “two International Shipping centers”. See “Tianjin Urban Transport, Sudden Variables” for details.Buy airport like buy fund, smile curve, can take for a long time.The central business district did not disappoint, ranking third in January.It is true that the epidemic has little impact, but more importantly, consensus is slowly being reached.In January, Vanke Riverside City signed a contract for 36 units with an average contract price of 14,000 per square meter.Vanke Binhai Metropolis, Hejing Yufeng respectively ranked second, third, signed 18, 15 sets.Hejing yufeng is we have been recommended, a minute of advertising fees confiscated.On the high level of real estate and congress, the same price can not find a second home.Zhang Zhuang don’t see has been listed, but “strong in the dry”.This plate will be “two eyes a black” in ten years, not to pick up the leak, but to fill the hole.Now, zhongliang Jinmen capital signed the first 29 sets.The average contract price is 7,200 yuan/square meter, and the floor price is nearly 4,000 yuan/square meter.Although zhongliang did not happen open market default, but the organizational structure of large-scale adjustment.Last year, down from a peak of 600 to 300, another 200 were laid off before the Spring Festival.It set up the small shareholders “priority” mechanism, to protect shareholder profits, hot eye is not an accident.Zhongliang Property, has been acquired by Country Garden.The January list of sectors makes one thing clear: the big losers are piling up and will bounce back when the market normalizes.Shock in January, half in February.New Meijiang, for example, has a backlog of nearly 100 sets of demand according to the previous trading volume.Jingwu town backlog of nearly 200 sets, haijiao Park more ruthless, backlog of nearly 300 sets……At present, the national property market policy has been to loose rudder.Rescue around the city, down payment, relax provident fund, disguised cancellation of price limits……The point is it wasn’t blocked, short of a direct shout.6 trillion yuan of social financing and 4 trillion yuan of water release…The looseness is a little fierce.Tianjin NPC and CPPCC also said that it will “zoning policy”, there will be action.Therefore, these backlog of demand, will be concentrated in March to May stacking release.Of course, quantity comes before price.