Starlight sea and music, the 2022 Hainan Spring Festival Gala is singing for beauty

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Stamp above the blue word more wonderful waiting for you to see!The 2022 Hainan Spring Festival Gala will premiere at 20:00 on the first day of the lunar New Year on Hainan TV.The theme of “sea” in the evening party can not be little, from the stage setting to the program setting, and the sea has an inseparable relationship.Including many songs in the party will be full of the atmosphere of the sea, so that you fully appreciate the beautiful singing, starlight and seaside amorous feelings of the combination of the heart reaction.”Shining stars, flying to you through the night”, many people can hum the representative song “Shining Stars” by singer Luo Zhongxu.More than 20 years ago, Luo left a deep imprint on the Chinese music community when he became the first Chinese singer to win the top spot in an international pop music competition with his original song, “Bright Stars”.Luo Zhongxu sings “The Stars are shining” again at the 2022 Hainan Spring Festival Gala.Along with the familiar melody, his reverb texture voice flows slowly in the seaside night, and his soulful singing is perfectly integrated with the bright city atmosphere.”Wind blowing” swept the whole network Wang Heye with explosive works appeared in the song “Wind blowing” with its strong rhythm, and then the fusion of retro DISCO music, people back to the 1990s.As soon as it was released, it was instantly promoted to the top of the hot list of new songs on the popular video platform.The hit “The Wind Blows” also brought singer Wang Heye into the public eye.In 2022, the strong wind blows to the stage of Hainan Spring Festival Gala. Wang Heye’s simple boy image and vivid singing style make the audience feel the vitality and enthusiasm of Hainan Spring Festival Gala in the year of the Tiger in the atmosphere of sea breeze.The TV series Legend of Zhen Huan has been a favorite among audiences since it aired in 2011.The TV series, which is a household name, has been a hot topic among people.Now, 10 years later, the cast rarely gets back together.On the stage of the 2022 Hainan Spring Festival Gala, LAN Xi, who plays Shen Meizhuang, Zhang Yameng, who plays Princess Qi, Chen Sisi, who plays Cao Guizai, and Zhao Qin, who plays Fucha Guizai, all performed together.They sang the classic song “South Sea Girl”.Beautiful melody and soulful singing make the seaside atmosphere light and dreamlike.Tang Fei, a famous young singer with a distinctive voice, is deeply loved by the audience.In the major theme parties, his authentic and rustic singing left a deep impression on people.Many of his original works about ordinary people make people feel the beauty and positive energy he always conveys through music.On the stage of the 2022 Hainan Spring Festival Gala, Tang Fei sang the story of the “sea breakers”.With mellow tone and emotional style, let the audience feel generation after generation of Hainan builders forge ahead in the wind and waves of the image.In addition to the songs and stories related to the sea, the stage design of the gala also made full use of the unique advantages of the seaside by incorporating tent elements into it.The tent and the stage scene change to each other, feeling the joy of the Year of the Tiger in the gorgeous stage, enjoying the beauty of the night in the seaside tent…. new hainan | the world trend Fan Haina eye conditions | | home TV, take you to see the world declaration: reprint this article is for the purpose of the information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: