“Live well, play well, and grow well”, Jinshan here contributes to rural revitalization!

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Since the beginning of this year, Langxia Town, Jinshan District, has actively developed rural tourism, vigorously promoted the construction of mushroom town, and comprehensively promoted the rural revitalization by speeding up the construction of Shanghai rural revitalization demonstration town with “rural shape · urban core”.In the Bright Moon Hill Pond scenic area of Langha Country Park, shantong Old Street is simple and elegant.Now, there are not only snack shops, wine shops, teahouses and other new forms of business have been settled here, but also the development of homestay has gradually formed a cluster effect.On the Old street during the Spring Festival, rural homestays such as Tangshe peach featured by simple style and Tangshe Maple featured by jinshan farmer’s painting have attracted a large number of residents to stay.”Through the platform, repeat customers and other channels, the brand of Langxia Country Park is well known, and many people who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city come to Shantang.”Langxia country Park tourism development company operations manager Luo Xiaojian said.With the development of homestays, the attractions of The Nong Ha Country Park are also being enriched.The new Sheung Wan Peony garden in The Nong Ha Country Park is expected to open in late March this year. The planting of 50,000 peonies has been accelerated and the peony garden looks like a peony in full bloom.At that time, the public can not only enjoy the nine colors of all kinds of peony, peony garden will also introduce performance companies to perform songs and dances, to attract a large number of citizens tourists.Yang Jie, deputy general manager of The Shanghai Langxia Country Park Management Co., LTD., told reporters that Langxia town has always been characterized by the Chinese character for agriculture and has many agricultural bases, but this is the first time for large-scale flower cultivation, and langxia Country Park also has new attractions for visitors.The development of rural tourism is in full swing, and the construction of the “mushroom town” in Langxia town is also keeping pace.In Shanghai Lianzhong Edible Fungus Professional Cooperative Society in Langxia Town, the second phase of Lianzhong mushroom factory with an investment of about 164 million yuan has been completed, and the imported equipment of automatic temperature and humidity control for three times fermentation of mushroom culture material has also been installed and debug-ed.”The main equipment is the control system and central air conditioning.We produce our own material and it has to be kept at 25 degrees Celsius all the time, so we use a computer to do it 24 hours a day.”Shanghai united in edible fungus professional cooperative director Chen Lingen said.It is reported that the second phase of the project will be officially put into operation after the annual output of three fermentation culture material 40,000 tons, is expected to the entire cooperative annual sales of about 250 million yuan.High-quality mushroom triple culture material not only meet the needs of the enterprise itself, but also meet the needs of mushroom farmers around Langxia and Shanghai and Zhejiang, and inject strong power into the construction and development of “mushroom town”.According to Chen lingen, “The mushroom farmers used to practice the traditional cultivation mode, but now under our leadership, it has been factory cultivation.We provide them with technology, culture materials, but also to create a unified brand, unified sales.After the second phase of production, the culture material can not only meet the production needs of lianzhong and Langxia mushroom farmers, but also meet some mushroom farmers in the Yangtze River Delta.In 2022 will continue to adhere to the porch town to rural revitalization strategy for lead, continue to become bigger and stronger “central kitchen”, “leisure food” and “spice” three major health food plate, and by the porch town 12 administrative villages and 2 is a collective enterprises to invest 285 million yuan to build the town of health food science and technology industrial park have been completed, will conduct investment promotion and capital introduction,Absorb more quality food enterprises to enter.At the same time, this year, Langxia town will further accelerate the transformation of the living environment and promote the development of rural revitalization.Yu Xunzhou, deputy mayor of Langxia town, said that one of the key work of Langxia town this year is to improve the overall environment around the main road within the town area, including the main core villages, the village committee and the people in front of the house and behind the house, to help create the image of “beautiful Bay Area”.The reporter | LuXueJing Xiong Xue cold Gu Qing every part (trainee) photography | ZhuangYi correspondent | jia-wei li edit | Shen Yanfei coordinating editor to Lola | yu Yin