“Early knowledge of soybean meal” 2022/2/11 Brazil drastically reduced production oil factory washing ship Mei Dou high fall

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Oil daily tracking CBOT soybean main closing 1573, down 1.32%, the main 2205 contract closed 3814 yuan/ton, up 111 yuan/ton, or 2.93%.Soymeal early view: Last night CONAB officially estimated Brazilian soyabean production for the month at just 125.47 million tonnes, down from its January forecast of 140.50 million tonnes and about 9 per cent below last year’s record production.By way of comparison, THE U.S. Agriculture Department on Wednesday forecast Brazilian soybean production of 134 million tons, down from 139 million tons in January, a difference of 9 million tons.After rumors that China oil factory resell Brazilian soybeans, CNF and FOB base difference fell 10 cents, oil factory began to take counter-measures against high price forced warehouse, the United States beans closed down from up.Weekly sales of new and old works totaled 2.5 million tons, higher than expected;Private exporters reported export sales of 300,000 tons of soybeans to unknown destinations.CBOT soybean meal futures were pressured after Mexico’s agriculture ministry said the outbreak of bird flu had led to a ban on poultry products originating in or from indiana.Domestic short-term spot tight pattern continues, before the festival feed factory and terminal stock shortage due to a variety of reasons, at present, the most to maintain a week, after the opening of today’s domestic decline is expected to welcome a wave of replenishment.However, based on the current high price and constantly poor breeding profits, general stocking mentality is not good.The market for April-May and June-September base mentality has also changed, from the previous cautious wait-and-see to optimistic, began to layout the far month base.Operation suggestions: macro worries, Brazil discount is lowered, soybean meal is facing a callback in the short term, but the production cut of 30 million tons is basically confirmed, the future weather is not good, short-term wait-and-see;Soybean meal 05 today is expected to fall to 3800 line, the range is expected to 3750-3850.Note: the content of this article is for reference only, does not constitute investment advice, thank you for reading, interested can pay attention to & like support.