“Red and blue” vest snow on duty for safety

2022-04-23 0 By

(Correspondent Pan Lingheng) Recently, in order to ensure the normal life order and safe travel of residents in the area, Canglang street Guihua community united with party members, grid members, retired military volunteers to grid units actively carry out anti-snow and anti-freezing security work.By placing anti-skid pads at the main entrances and exit of the community, sending warm tips to residents and strengthening road patrol, the impact of ice-covered roads on residents’ travel and life can be reduced and hidden safety risks can be further eliminated.For the disabled and the elderly in the community and other special groups, the community staff began the “active care” mode, through the phone to inquire about the snow caused by the inconvenience of life, and provide door-to-door delivery dishes and other necessary help.”I came back from the hospital to see my leg and when I got out of the taxi it was snowing heavily and the community called me and volunteers came to the gate to walk me upstairs.”Zhang, 79, said the community’s timely and thoughtful service has helped her overcome difficulties and add a sense of security.Early in the morning, the road surface of the community did not appear snow condition.Residents in the road did not have snow accumulation at the same time, fully affirmed the community workers serious and responsible attitude.”This is what we should do!I also see a lot to learn from you.”Zhang Yifei, the youngest social worker in the community, participated in the cold and snow resistance for the first time, but was not afraid of hardship or fatigue.Regardless of rain or wind, community workers and volunteers are always ready to take concrete actions to fulfill their safety responsibilities, ensure the resumption of work and production after the holiday, and protect the safety of residents.