472 physical stores in Xiangyang, Hubei responded to the “Seven days of offline shopping without reason to return goods”

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In order to boost consumer confidence and promote the upgrade of assured consumption, combined with the practice of “I do practical things for the masses”, Xiangyang launched the activity of “Seven days of Offline Shopping without Reason Return Promise” in 2021.So far, 472 brick-and-mortar stores have voluntarily participated in the campaign and returned 480,000 items worth more than 34 million yuan.”We return about 15 items per day, mostly fresh food.”Xu Xue, the manager of the Wanda branch of Good Neighbor Supermarket, said that the store attaches great importance to consumers’ shopping satisfaction and is the first batch of merchants to respond to the xiangyang Municipal Consumers’ Council’s “seven-day promise of returning goods without any reason for offline shopping”.”Buy more” “don’t like” “don’t want”, in the face of consumers put forward a variety of reasons, Xu Xue said, as long as it is reasonable, understandable, customer service staff will be the first time for refund procedures.The Good Neighbor supermarket handles returns for customers.Correspondent for the map in the reporter’s interview, encountered to consult the return of miss Shao.Ms. Shao bought a bottle of shampoo in the supermarket a few days ago. After washing her head at home, she felt her scalp was dry and came to the service desk to ask if she could return it.Although the product has been opened and used, but in view of the customer’s dissatisfaction, Xu xue still arranged customer service staff for Ms. Shao to deal with the return.Ms Shao told reporters: “I used to think that only online shopping can be returned without reason, but now I want to try it. I did not expect that offline physical stores also carry out this service, which makes us consumers very satisfied.”Since last year, xiangyang city market regulator, xiangyang city disappear appoint insisted that “the government encouraged and acceptance is a constrained, promises voluntarily by enterprises” principle, to encourage operators according to different industries, stores, commodity consumption characteristic, take “advocate the industry a mobilization, a enterprise, a store a commitment”, in the form of pragmatic advance step by step “offline shopping have no reason to return”,Strive to create a number of high-quality, good effect, strong leading offline entity stores without reason return demonstration units, with a point to the surface, gradually expand the scope of participation.Xiangyang city council spokesman xiao-jing li said, at present, xiangyang city and counties in the city has a certain scale of operation, higher social reputation, consumption is relatively concentrated shopping malls, supermarkets, home appliance stores, pharmacies and other offline stores have positive response “offline shopping for seven days without reason return promise” activities, to promote the xiangyang city create rest assured consumption, improve the consumption environment,Unleash consumption potential to make due contributions.Source: Jingchu